Disadvantages Of Brass

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Brass is a metal composed mainly of the two elements zinc and copper. With copper being the main element, brass is generally considered a copper alloy. The color of the brass will vary from a dark reddish brown to a lighter silver-yellow color depending on the amount of zinc present. When copper appears on the lighter end of the color scale, it means it has a high concentration of zinc. Brass is a popular choice for it is stronger than copper but not quite as strong as steel. It is easily malleable, an excellent conductor of heat, and generally stands to refrain from corroding salt water. Because of these properties, brass is often used to construct many different things such as pipes and tubes, musical instruments, firearms, radiators, and many more.
As stated previously, copper is the main component in a brass sample.
The content of copper can vary between 55% and 95%. This is according to the weight and depends on the type of copper. The brass that has a higher percentage of copper is usually made from an electronically reduced copper that is only 90% pure. This minimizes the use of additional materials. Brasses that contain less copper can also be made from the electrically refined copper but are more commonly made from recycled copper alloy scrap.
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As a result of these sometimes confusing names, brasses in the United States are now designated by the Unified Numbering System for metals and alloys. The system uses a letter recognizing the alloy followed by five digits. Wrought brasses are composed chemically so that they can be formed into the final product by mechanical methods. The first digit for wrought brasses starts at 1 and progresses to 7. Cast brasses are recognized as brasses whose chemical composition makes them suitable for being formed into a final product by means of pouring molten metal into a mold. Their first digit of designation is either an 8 or
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