Disadvantages For Purchasing A Computer

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Purchasing a Computer For some people, purchasing a computer may be a daunting task. As long as people know what they are shopping for, whether it would be a laptop or desktop, they will generally have some issues: customers have to look at computer companies, memory capability, features, the speed of computers and how to upgrade their computers when they want. When people go to Walmart to look at the different types of computers they have to offer, there is not only one but various types of brands available. There is Dell, Apple, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, Acer and much more to choose. “If you want an extra-reliable computer, but don’t want to pay too much for it, then you’ll be pleased to see that Asus also makes it on our list of the most reliable laptop brands” (Lacoma). From personal experience, I have found Asus computers to be the most reliable in terms of durability and price. Of course, there will be many other brands that are just as good as Asus, but each brand will have its own pros and cons. There are many reasons why Asus might be a better choice for some because of its memory capability. Asus’ customer service department has recently instructed computer engineers to design a new type of internal hard drive for its computers because of how outdated the…show more content…
Computers are able to play music, movies, and games. Of course, there will be some brands that will perform less efficiently than other companies due to the various parts that went into creating their computers. By investing more money on certain computer parts such as a processor, one will be able to enjoy the increased performance that comes when viewing movies or playing a rather demanding game. The most popular feature Asus has is the same amount of performance outputted from the processor and graphics cards. While other brands such as Apple have the strong processing power, they lack the graphics card to help the processor run
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