Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media And Communication

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How we communicate with each other in our current society has changed drastically since social media became our main mode of social interaction with people all over the world. As the popularity of social media grows the way we research and obtain information on specific topics has been affected. As with any other technological advancement, there are advantages and disadvantages, whether it is in how we communicate with one another or how we obtain information about people or specific subject matter.
Social Media has become the main focal point of oral communication but done digitally. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are being used as ways for people to communicate all over the world. In our current
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Some of these can include opinion based facts, biases on topics, and invalid information in regards to the subject matter. We have to be weary of the information we are obtaining when we go online to research topics. We have to make sure the information is valid and accredited.
We are in a generation where social media reigns supreme in the means of communication. This is another topic that has its advantages and disadvantages. Social media is good for communicate with multiple people at one time all of the world or for just generally keeping in touch with friend in family who live far away. We also can find communities for people with similar interests to our own through social media allowing us to expand our network and groups of likeminded individuals.
A few of the negative aspects of social media would be how we communicate with each other and how in younger generations there is a breakdown in communication efforts. These days it seems like everyone feels that are an expert on specific topics and social media has increased this mind frame. The “I have freedom of speech” type mentality comes with social media platforms. I’ve noticed how in the career setting because of platforms like social media and twitter people seems to forget about professionalism and lose their filter the more active they become on social media platforms. I feel we communicate with others strongly effects how we are perceived, with the invention of social media there is a lot of breakdown in communication and no one seems to think before they
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