Disability And Difference In Cece Bell

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CeCe Bell wrote a graphic novel about a young girl who becomes deaf. In this novel, she addresses the issue of differences and disability. Other articles and books that address the same controversy are The for Hearing People Only textbook, the Mastering ASL textbook, and the article Disability and Difference: Balancing Social and Physical Constructions. Disability and difference is a big issue today, the Deaf especially. The graphic novel is about a young girl (CeCe) who got sick with meningitis and in result of this illness she lost her hearing. She begins the journey of accepting herself as a deaf person and being deaf in her community. She experiences bullying and she is really insecure about herself and the use of her hearing aids. She…show more content…
There are two different types of the word deaf. Deaf with a capital D means that your language is American Sign Language and you can and choose to sign all the time. Deaf with a lower case d means that you are hard-of-hearing and American Sign Language is not your primary language. Culture is defined as “the totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought” (Zinza 53). In el Deafo CeCe is described as deaf because she uses hearing aids, she does not use American Sign Language, and she is not part of the Deaf community. An example of her culture would be when she went to the school where everyone had hearing aids so she was not the only one that was hard-of-hearing. Culture can be described for any group of people not just the…show more content…
Social difference advocated believe that if you have a disability that it is unimportant outside the response to those conditions. The social difference advocates take as their focus, social reaction to that of signal difference. They are saying that if you are not recognized as someone who has a disability then there would be no judgements and everyone would be treated equally all the time. Social difference advocates of the medical model argue “between limits resulting from accident, age, or injury and those that affect a person from birth” (Koch 372). They believe that being deaf represents a community that is built around shared language and experience, a difference. They do not believe that if you cannot hear that you have a disability. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a group that believes that the world would be a better place if people did not have disabilities. This group supports the idea of a eugenic selection. Eugenic selection is when people believe that when you go and get a sonogram and the doctor notices that the baby has a disability, you should get an abortion no matter how far along you are. That is not even right. An abortion no matter how far along you are? That could be 4 weeks or even 20 weeks or more? It is just inhumane in my opinion. I believe el Deafo takes the stand on social difference. The author does

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