Dirty Little Secret Analysis

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The article “Dirty Little Secret” is based on African American slaves and ex- slaves who during the American Revolution left their masters to become part of the war and fight on behalf on the British. These people fought for the British with the hope that British would stick to their promise and give them their freedom if they agreed to fight on the side of the British. The picture painted to these people wing free was that the chances of being free with the British were better than that of America. The Dirty Little Secret emphasizes on how the black Patriots and Loyalists either fought for or against America in pursuit of freedom..
During this war, African Americans had to choose whose side they wanted to be on. against each other. Which meant that blacks were at some point fighting. While tens of thousands chose the British, the others chose the American colonists. Although all of them were in search of freedom, some of them made a decision based on what's beneficial to them, others made decision based on values and hope, thinking about creating for themselves a movement to promote the freedom of African Americans. The tens of thousands that fought for the British wanted a swift getaway from slavery and that was their way out since the British had already promised them freedom. The other black slaves that fought for the colonies fought to give themselves the opportunity to bid for freedom since the white colonies also wanted freedom from the British.
Those slaves that chose to fight for the British had a good cause to betray the American colonies. The American colonies were very contradictive during this time. They wanted liberation from the British and at the same time wanted to keep black people enslaved. With the colonist ...

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...lored people have upon earth. Though they have oppressed us a little and have colonies now in the West Indies which oppress us sorely- Yet notwithstanding they [the English] have done one hundred times more for the melioration of our condition, than all the other nations of the earth put together."
This article proves that the black people knew what they wanted and fought to get it. Whether they fought as Patriots or loyalists, they fought for what they believed in. It is revealed that these African American slaves were deceived from the start y both the British and the colonists. Many of the loyalists fled to New York which was still owned by the British, many others didn’t make it past the army camps, and others were retaken as slaves. They same occurred between the Patriots, many died, some survived and were free, while others survived and still remained slaves.