Directing A Cream Cracker Under the Settee for Television

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Directing A Cream Cracker Under the Settee for Television Doris is a 75-year-old widow, living alone in a semi-detached house. She was fitted with a pacemaker about three years ago because of the symptoms of angina. Her late husband's name is Wilfred who died an unexpected death a couple of years ago. A lady called 'Zulema' has been employed by the Social Services to clean Doris' house. Zulema had been visiting Doris for the past four months, every Wednesday of each week. Yet Dorisdespises her. This is generally due to the fact that Zulema doesn't clean or dust properly and still gets paid for her 'cleaning'. And the main reason for this hatred towards Zulema is because of her constant bickering of 'how Doris should be thinking about going to the Stafford house and also because of the threats that if Doris does do any work she'll be reported and sent to the Stafford house'. This whole play is based on Doris. It is mainly set in the living room and in the hallway of the semi-detached house. The play starts after Doris falls off the buffet, while she was trying to dust the top of the fire-place in the living room. The play begins as we see Doris sitting awkwardly, and rubbing her leg, next to the fire place. As the drama continues, Doris talks about her present life and recalls her past. Doris mentions her husband a lot of times. She talks about him. We find out that Wilfred almost never did his house chores, "Don't worry, Mother. I've got it on my list", even though he said he would. He preferred to have a small garden to a concrete ground, which didn't have any 'character' and he also wanted a dog but 'he never got round ... ... middle of paper ... ...she has no one to love her and is dying a lonely death and, finally, love is induced for our parents, as we would not, ever, even think about leaving our parents in that kind of state. I want them to know how depressing it is to have no one to love or have anyone who loves you. I want them to feel for Doris and feel how gloomy her life has been in her old age. The whole play should make the viewers think of Doris and the sadness of the final days of her life and of any old person's life. From another point of view, I think this play is also trying to put across a message. 'Never to leave your parents side when they are at an old age, because that's when they need you. They looked after you when you were young and now it's your turn to look after them and pay them back with all the love and kindness you possess.

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