Dionysus: The God of Wine and Fertility

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Dionysus is the god of wine and fertility. Dionysus invented wine on Mount Nyssa. His Roman counterpart is Bacchus. Dionysus’s symbols are Thyrsos, which are ivory leaves wrapped around a wooden stick, the flute, and wine barrels. The animals that represent him are the panther and the tiger. Dionysus is the son of Zeus and Semele. Dionysus was stitched into Zeus’s thigh after his mother, Semele, asked to see Zeus's true form and was killed. Dionysus grew in Zeus's thigh. Dionysus is the only god with a mortal parent.
Dionysus had 20 children, 10 were immortal off springs and the rest were mortal off springs. The 10 immortal off springs were named Hymenaios the god of wedding, Iakkhos the god of the Eleusinian, the Kharites goddess of the graces, Methe goddess-nymphe of Drunkenness, Pasithea god of sleep, Priapos god of garden fertility, Sabazios A Thraco-Phrygian god of wine and vegitation, Telete goddess of initiation into the Bacchic Mysteries, and Thysa goddess-nymphe.
The 10 mortal off springs were Deineira princess of Aitolia, Eurymedon Lord of Phlios, Keramos Lord of the Keramakios district of Athens, Maron priest of Apollon in Kikonia, Narkaios first Priest of Dionysus in Elis, Oinopion King of the island Khios, Peparethos King of the island Peparethos, Phanos an Argonaut from the island Thasos, Phliasos Lordof Phlios, Staphylos King of Bubastos, and Thoas King of the island Lemnos.
When Dionysus grew old, he decided to explore the world, teaching people how to grow and nurture grapes and vines. When Dionysus decided to go to Greece, he was spotted by pirates. The pirates captured him and tried to tie him up but anywhere that the ropes touched Dionysus, they would just fall apart. After a while the helmsman real...

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...entheus, to them, appeared to be a mountain lion. Dionysus's followers attacked Pentheus in rage. Pentheus only then realized that he would be killed for fighting against a god. His mother reached him first and ripped his head off and the others tore off his limbs.

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