Dinner and Desert

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It started out very innocent, with a meal, a romantic meal, in a posh restaurant. He was smart, in a business suit, whilst she wore that popular little black dress, along with stockings and those black high heels.

During the meal, they both made eye contact and there was that slight brushing of each other’s hands, when passing a glass or the salt pot.

He soon found his feet and became very daring. Stroking her thigh every so often, but then again, she wasn’t surprised. Knowing that he had a thing for her, and he knew that she was wearing stockings.

Now, it didn’t matter what type of stockings she wore, but it was a massive turn on for him. She had often wondered what it was with men and stockings?

Anyway, that evening he got a bigger surprise, after moving his hand further up her leg. He was sure that he felt moisture and thought that she wasn’t wearing any knickers.

He did keep asking her, but she wouldn’t say, just grinned and raised her eyebrow.

As the evening wore one, he became more and more uncomfortable in his seat. Discretely trying to re-adjust himself, in the end he had to take leave of her to visit the gents.

Even upon his return, she still continued crossing her legs the hem of her dress had crept higher now exposing more of her legs. Almost the black lace of the stocking top was showing.

Now his groins began to ache.

This couple, where just good friends. But this behaviour on her part, well anything could happen! They had talked about having an affair, but always dismissed it.

But at this rate, what with that view, she was giving his access to view. He replaced his hand on her knee, continuing stroking her leg. His hand worked its way up to the top of her leg. Fingers seeking out her pussy.


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...and sucking her pussy again.

It was only when he carried on sucking her, that she began to plead with him, telling him, that she wanted his large hot cock inside her, and that she was a very naughty and wicked girl. And that she would behave herself and that she would now be a good girl.

But he continued to ignore her, and continued kissing her pussy...

Then he moved up her body, kissing her stomach, chest and boobs, and then kissing her on the face and lips, and then he moved back to kissing her pussy.

Coz you've been such a bad and wicked girl, I'm going to give you a good fucking, and with that he entered hard, starting slowly when entering her, and with each thrust it got harder and harder, until he was banging her hard.

After a couple of minutes of hard thrusting, he stopped and released her from her bonds, where they then proceeded to make love all night.
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