Dinner: Are You Ready For Dinner?

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Are you Ready for Dinner?
Imagine after a long day of school and work, you come home, hang your backpack up on the wall, take your shoes off and take in a deep breath. The smell of mom’s homemade garlic bread fills the air. You follow your nose to the origin of that delicious smell; there on the stove is a boiling pot of spaghetti and the meatballs simmering in a copper pot. To go along with the spaghetti mom made a fresh salad and homemade apple cobbler for dessert. Your mom tells you dinner will be ready in an hour and that seems like a lifetime. Although going out to a fancy dinner or even a quick stop on the way home can be fun and easy sometimes, there is nothing better than a home cooked meal that is not only cleaner, fresher, more engaging,
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You don not have to worry about what all goes into the food and where all it has been because you are making it yourself. The food goes directly from your pantry to your plate. Some restaurants and fast food places are not the cleanest and do not follow the rules like they are suppose to. Some workers do not use gloves or wash their hands regularly. Cooking at home also is best for freshness and ingredients. Restaurants don’t always have the freshest foods. Especially if you go to fast food places, it is mostly all fried and greasy. Not to mention the artificial flavors, MSG, and trans fats in these foods, according to SFGATE.com “Order a burger and fries with a soda, and you 're likely to consume all of these dangerous chemicals. The burger likely contains BHA and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, and many fast-food restaurants still cook their fries in oil that contains trans fats. If you order a colored soda, you 're consuming artificial dyes, and if it 's fruit-flavored soda, you 're also getting a dose of artificial flavors.” While cooking at home, you know everything that is part of your meal. You know the quality of the meal and all of the ingredients in

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