Dilemmas in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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Dilemmas of Romeo

When people look thoughtfully at the story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, they will notice that it is a tragedy with tons of moral features. Shakespeare's writing is still very popular today and is still being used because of how good it relates to the world today and things that happen in our everyday lives. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare accurately describes Romeo’s dilemmas that he has to deal with one specific dilemma of immaturity with three different ideas he is faced with like their feuding families, that he cannot be with Juliet and his immaturity which lead to suicide.

The number one dilemma in the play is the two fighting families. How ethical is it to extremely dislike somebody for the sake of having a certain household name? This all falls in from a generation when human beings were somewhat aimed their attention on religions, which educates us not to detest. The reason why I question this is because I think it’s unexpected that both Romeo and Juliet seem to be kind of religious, considering the number one person that Romeo went to for support was Friar Lawrence, along with a couple of scenes in Romeo and Juliet that show up in/or throughout the church. I personally think that this antagonism is pretty bad talking about the Capulets and the Montagues because I was consistently beneath the feeling that the households had been fighting and arguing for a long time that nobody truly knew why they hated one another anymore. In the middle of the play there is big conflict between the two families when Romeo fights Tybalt. Romeo says: “This fight will decide who dies.” (Act lll, Scene 1, Line 93). Here the reader will notice that Romeo is just about to fight with Tybalt and ...

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...t Verona which basically means because Juliet is there. When Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo’s dead body right by her she also kills herself. This suicide is what really demonstrates the immaturity of Romeo and Juliet’s passionate love. The certainty that Romeo and Juliet committed suicide is not tragic neither is it mature.
To conclude, Romeo was a very immature person throughout the whole play that I think got married way too early and fast. They were both so immature and insecure that they committed suicide rather than running away. Throughout Romeo and Juliet, Romeo had to go through a dilemma of immaturity with three different ideas he was faced with such as the fighting families, that he could not be with Juliet and his evident immaturity that lead to suicide. All in all, Romeo and Juliet were way too young to get married so they had to face the consequences.
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