Dilemma In The Fault In Our Stars

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“The fault, dear Brutus is not in the stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings”. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a novel about the love life of a cancer survivor Hazel Grace and amputee Augustus Waters by John Green. Hazel meets Augustus Waters at a support group. This is where the love story starts. Augustus makes her believe that the world is a wish granting factory. The love continued to connect through a book called The Imperial Affliction called Peter Van Houten. The book is about a girl named Anna and her life being a cancer conqueror until she dies. But that is the dilemma. The book ends in mid-sentence with no proper ending. After numerous emails and letters to the author they finally get permission to go to Amsterdam to hear the real ending. And so they got tickets to Amsterdam using Augustus’s only wish from the “Make a Wish” foundation (since Hazel had already used hers on Disneyland). In Amsterdam they shared a magical night under the stars in a really fancy restaurant called Orangee. They were even able to go to the house of Anne Frank. When the day came to visit Peter Van Houten they were very disappointed. Peter turned out to be an alcoholic and wasn’t able to give them the ending. Hazel was devastated that she chased the answer for so long and yet still hasn’t found an answer. But Augustus promises her that he will write one for her that that would be better than Peter’s. Soon after the trip to Amsterdam Augustus says that his cancer was coming back but still bearable. But not long after that he is sent to the ICU. With Augustus suffering from cancer Hazel stays heart broken. Augustus is let out of ICU for a couple of weeks where he spends his last moments with the family and friends. During that ... ... middle of paper ... ...s some mature content that younger audiences wouldn’t understand. The book doesn’t have a specific gender or type of person that they appeal to. The Fault In Our Stars is a book with humour and tragedies. An example of humour was near the end when Hazel went to visit Augustus’s family and There were a bunch of little kids that were running around playing tag. One started yelling at another, calling each other dumbbutts and one lead to another and it started to sound like a song full of dumbbutts. Relate The Fault In our Stars really captures the way that a cancer survivor actually lives. When we see cancer survivors we would usually pity them and feel sorry for them like how they have said it in the book. But this time they show it from the cancer survivor’s perspective and portrays how they feel about how we are treating them. It shows us their side of the story.
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