Digital Rights Management

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The research topic chosen for this study is based on Digital Rights Management (DRM) and how it affects the stakeholders involved in digital purchases e.g. the content provider, the consumer etc. Current technologies and future trends in the areas of digital copyright security are also avenues of research that are pertinent to the topic. Digital Rights Management is a group of technologies used by digital content providers to control their content and devices for sale. As long as DRM has existed there has been arguments for and against the systems. On the one hand it seems only fair that a content provider will get just rewards for his own work without worrying that somebody else can take it and claim credit. On the other side of the scale is it doesn't seem fair that a person who pays to own a digital product may not then be able to share their purchase with a friend, like they would a physical product. This debate is ongoing, and with DRM being a technology that is seemingly here to stay, the best alternative is to find a common ground between sufficient security for ones content ...

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