Digital Piracy

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Digital Piracy
Copyright laws are used every day, but what exactly is protected and considered as copyrighted under these laws? Copyright is a form of protection in the U.S. constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship. Copyright laws are not only used in the U.S. there are several different agreements and treaties that are used across the world that support copyright infringment. The reason for these laws now more than ever is due to technology making it easier for people to make or distributed copyrighted information with ease.
Copyright laws are in place to help support a person or company from having their intellectual property taken and used without their permission. The intellectual property that someone comes up with can lead to that person or corporation benefitting financially. Without copyright laws in place it would allow someone to use the intellectual property of someone else and profit off of their idea. This would also cause confusion between consumers and hurt the corporation or persons reputation that created the intellectual property.
Copyright Laws
There are several sections of copyright laws for the U.S. and other related laws contained in title 17. Most of the punishments or penalties for copyright laws reside under chapter 5 in the title 17 United States Code. Under chapter 5 there is a section called criminal offenses, under this section it details various criminal infringements that dictate punishments for copyright infringement. There are several examples of copyright infringement happening in today’s modern world these can be from pirating music to movies which can result in heavy fines or jail time if convicted.
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