Digital Marketing Case Study

As a business owner with a local business, you will find your marketing strategy quite different from one you would use with an online only business. This is because you have to appeal to and target customers within your specific geographic area.
The Benefit of Digital Marketing for Local Businesses:
Digital marketing is an important tool to use no matter what kind of business you have. However, digital marketing can be even more helpful to a local business. Director of content marketing for ReachLocal, Tiffany Monhollon, explains why, “Google recently updated its mobile algorithm so that businesses that don’t have mobile friendly websites may not show up mobile search results when consumers search.” Now that you understand why digital marketing is so important to your local business, read below to learn how to easily incorporate it into your marketing strategy:
Create a Professional/ Helpful Site:
You would think it would go without saying that your site should be professional and helpful. However, there are so many sites out there that don’t have basic things, such as the business’s hours or location. This is just silly. You want customers to find you. So, make sure you provide them an easy-to-navigate site that prominently
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This is by using their algorithms to your advantage. Google actually allows businesses to target locally. This is ideal of course. Also, be sure to incorporate locally optimized keywords into the content on your website. For example, if you own a local ice cream parlor, it does you no good to advertise to people states away. However, by using locally specific keywords, you can make sure only those who are within driving distance will find you. An example of good keywords for this would include sometime like “ice cream treats in Ringgold,” or “ice cream parlor in Ringgold.” These both use local keywords that would be known by locals but not by anyone states
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