Digital Artists

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Digital Artists

When we think of artists, we think of paint on canvas, or clay masterpieces, or beautiful, timeless drawings, but what do you think when you hear digital artists? The acceptance of digital art into the mainstream art community is a controversy that is slowly becoming history. The controversy is essentially that many people believe that the art is created by the computer, and not by the artist. Numerous art exhibits and shows do not allow digital art in just for that reason. This is a lack of understanding of how the art is created, because images can not be created unless there is a creator with an idea and that person has gone through the creative process just like a normal artist.

When it comes to the history if digital art, it also is a controversy because many say that it has no history. This again can not be true because there were pioneers in the field of digital art just like main stream traditional art. Digital art from the beginning was rooted in military defense systems, and was its research centers were funded by the federal government. It is debated so much because the history dates back to only 1956. This is the date is given to the start of Computer Art. This is the decade where the first imaged processed photos and art animation. The first computer art competition was held in 1963 by the US journal Computers and Automation. Also in 1963 was the first computer generated film by Edward Zajec. From then on more and more competitions and exhibits sprung up from all over the world. Many organizations emerged such as EAT or Experiments in Art and Technology (1967), SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics), The Computer Arts Society, and CTG or Computer Techniqu...

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...gital technology so that they can understand and fairly judge the great works of digital art.

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