Digestive Function Of Digestion

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All animals get the nutrients the same way. They eat food, then gets processed through the digestive track which consist of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and anus. The mouth is where digestion, first start with bacteria from saliva starts to break down food. The esophagus has no digestive purpose. It is used as a pathway from the mouth to the stomach. Stomach has acids in it where it breaks down the food to where the body can absorb the food and its nutrient values. Once the stomach has broken down the food it is passed to the small intestine where the nutrients from the food is absorbed. Large intestine absorbs water and the anus stores the rest of the nutrients that wasn’t absorbed until it exits the body.…show more content…
The rumen is the first section of the stomach; it is the also the largest section of the stomach. This section of the stomach can be found on the left side of the animal. It can be thought of as a huge vat. It is a warm area so bacteria and certain funguses are able to live and grow, also has a neutral pH of 7. If the rumen would get under 7 it would become to acidic and could possibly burn the rumen. When the feed is digested the rumen can hold up to fifty gallons of fee. All the feed and water that the animal takes in gets mixed and churned in the rumen. Bacteria starts the break down process. Not much digestion takes place in the rumen. Ten to fifty billion microbes are contained in one milliliter of rumen fluid. The rumen is able to change the genetic makeup for the feed. Unsaturated fats are able to be changed to saturated fats so the animal is able to uptake the nutrients. The rumen is mainly used to break down cellulose, soak up fatty acids and B vitamins through the wall of the rumen. If female animals did not have this section they would be much efficient at making milk from the forage they eat. With the feed being partly digested the animal will regurgitate it back to its mouth were more digestion will take place. This regurgitated food is called chyme. The animal may get bloated. This is caused due to gas in the rumen. If the passage way is blocked with fluid from the…show more content…
These parts are the duodenum, jejunum, ileum and the caecum. The duodenum is form transport of liquids that the liver and pancreas make. Bile is processed through these as well. Bile is a greenish liquid that is make in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. With the jejunum this part of the intestine absorbs carbohydrates and proteins. The jejunum has these finger like structures inside it that increase the surface are of it which helps trap and absorb more nutrients for the body to intake. These structures are called villi. B12 absorption is the main purpose of the ileum. Bile salts and other residue wasn’t taken up by the other sections will now absorbed by the ileum as well. With the caecum this is a pouch that is attached to the ileum. It is separated by a valve called ileocecal. The caecum is considered the beginning of the large

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