Diffusion of Business to Business

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Diffusion of Business to Business 1. EDI Application under Change In 1996, a number of partners agreed on the action plan for electronic commerce, among these the Danish Chamber of Commerce (DDH) and the Confederation of Danish Industries (DI). The action plan focused strongly on increasing the application of the international EDIFACT standards in business-to-business (b2b) transactions. It was believed that this international standard was the means to facilitate globalization of Danish business, while simultaneously reducing the administrative load internally in the value chain. In Denmark, the biggest actors in EDI application are companies within the provisions trade, the financial sector and the public health services. They have all prepared actual guidelines to UN/EDIFACT. In 1998, the action plan for electronic commerce was updated. New transport media for EDI and the development of inexpensive conversion tools have shown a potential to reduce some of the barriers indicated in studies of EDI application in Denmark and abroad. However, at the same time that a number of obstacles for diffusion of EDI in b2b relations are reduced or disappear completely, new challenges appear, especially in production and wholesale businesses. In particular, it is favorable to establish EDI solutions with trading partners where the trading pattern involves a large volume and accruing of transactions with a given number of steady business partners. With the advance of new market relations the assumptions on EDI application are under pressure. Internationalization of Danish companies is another area where EDI application is under pressure. Establishing Danish subsidiaries or business partners abroad and foreign acquisition/format... ... middle of paper ... ... o n d j f m a m j Video recording Video Pilot survey ICIS, IFIP 8.2 Two-day workshops Study of work in Eurochambers Study EDI application in Europe Bled, ECIS Study period in the USA CD-ROM Academic in-/output = Output for DDH and DI = Bibliography: Helle Zinner, Ph.D. student on full time for three years, Center for Electronic Commerce, Department of Informatics, Copenhagen Business School Howitzvej 60, 2000 Frederiksberg Telephons 3815 2452
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