Diffusion Of Diffusion

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Diffusion is a spontaneous movement that occurs when substances move from a higher concentration of molecules to that of a lower concentration in order to eliminate their gradient (Simon 83-84). Eventually, diffusion causes equilibrium to occur. Equilibrium means that both sides of the gradient are balanced. Therefore, when equilibrium occurs, there is no longer a gradient because a gradient is an unequal distribution of a solute. This means that a gradient has potential energy, for equilibrium happens spontaneously. Therefore, equilibrium is stable (Mrs. Weiland 3/12/16) Because equilibrium is stable, entropy increases as a result. Entropy is a measure of disorder. Disorder is more stable, for a mess cannot become messier, but an organized…show more content…
A knot was tied about one inch from the end of the dialysis tubes. Then, three graduated cylinders were filled with twenty millimeters of either distilled water, 0.5 M sucrose, or 1.0 M sucrose. Using a funnel, each solute was poured into the corresponding dialysis tube. To keep the solute from leaking, another knot was tied about one inch of the opposite end. As the knot was tied, two fingers were used to remove air bubbles from the bag. Subsequently, each bag was rinsed with distilled water to assure that there was no sucrose residue, and then dried off with a paper towel. After waiting for a scale to display zero grams, each bag was then coiled on top of the scale to identify the mass in grams. The initial mass was recorded. Three containers were gathered and filled approximately two-thirds full with distilled water. Then, the three dialysis tubes were immersed into the corresponding container to soak in the distilled water for twenty minutes. To find the mass of the bags after being soaked in water, the bags were dried with a paper towel, and then coiled on top of the scale once again. The final mass was recorded. Finally, the mass difference and the percent change in mass was calculated and
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