Difficulties that Generation Y Faces

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Generation Y has been through an array of difficulties. Drug abuse is one of the issues teens are faced with everyday. Not only narcotic drugs, but also prescription drugs and over the counter medications have been used and abused. Drugs have gotten easier to acquire throughout the years. Generation Y has had many teens be affected by media messages and how they project an image of sex to the viewers. What are the reasons behind drug abuse? People from all walks of life have been victims of drug abuse. Some people are depressed and so they try to get away from reality by taking drugs. A person who has been injured could have been prescribed a pain reliever with addicting qualities. That teen that lives down the street gets his pills from his fathers’ medicine cabinet. Each person who has abused drugs has some story behind their behavior. Any drug can be abused by teens as long as they can get access to them (Dryden-Edward). When living in Ohio, I knew plenty of teenagers who would take pills from their parents, or buy them from other students at the school. A few of my friends would show up to school and take a handful of pills when they get there so that the high that they felt would last them all day. It was be able to hard to watch as they would risk everything just to be able to escape reality for a few hours. It’s a reality we face everyday of our lives; knowing people who have a drug addiction and not being able to help is a horrible feeling, but the reality is, if they want the drug bad enough, they will do whatever they can to get it. It has been calculated that each day around 3,000 teens have their first cigarette (Dryden-Edward). In 2002 there were 2% of 10th graders who had used cocaine (Dryden-Edward). It ... ... middle of paper ... ...e prescriptions properly. The media sends the wrong kinds of messaged to teens about the image that you need to have in order to be attractive and that it’s alright to act sexy at a younger age and occasionally that leads to having sex. Works Cited Dryden-Edward, Roxanne. Teen Drug Abuse. 23 February 2010 . Focus on the Family. Why teens have sex. 2009. 23 February 2010 . Heroin - The Next Generation / Documentary Educational Video. 21 February 2009. 23 February 2010 . "U.S. Teen Sexual Activity." January 2005. Keiser Family foundation. 24 February 2010 .

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