Differing Christian Attitudes Toward Capital Punishment

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Differing Christian Attitudes Toward Capital Punishment This assignment is to discuss the different views of Christians on Capital Punishment. I will explore both sets of view, whether they are for or against it. I will say which bible verses may have swayed their opinions of capital punishment, and what they think God has to say about the whole issue. I have opinions from Christians today, who I have asked their opinions on the matter. I will also include church's opinions. Since the early years, when the death penalty was first introduced, people have thought it was an act of evil. Many people have thought it to be an easy way out to get justice. Rather than making the criminal suffer what they have done, they are getting their life taken from them. People thought that if a criminal was going to punished they should be punished in a way that they suffered for a long time, just like Jesus did, when he was crucified. When he was killed, he hung on the cross with nails through his hands, and died very slowly. He even had a sword stuck through his side, and a crown on thorns placed on his head, to make the pain more, and make him suffer more. Even these days, Capital Punishment is still practised in some countries, such as, the USA, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Egypt. There are still debates in these countries whether or not capital punishment is a just punishment for certain crimes. Many Christians feel that Capital Punishment is the right way to provide justice and many other Christians feel that Capital Punishment is just another cruel way to kill someone. In a sense both of the arguments are true. It does provide justice to t... ... middle of paper ... ... has the right to take it. After taking all this information into account, I have come to the co nclusion that all Christian's do not have to believe the same thing in order to follow the same God. I have my own conclusions and opinions about capital punishment. I believe that capital punishment is not only a cruel way to settle justice, but expensive to. I believe that some Christians take into account what God says on some occasions and chose to believe what they know I correct, where as other Christians read other bible passages and feel that what they think is correct. In a sense both of the views are correct and no one can stand and say that isn't correct. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and if they can back up what they say by evidence such as the bible, then no one should be able to tell they otherwise.
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