Different Views on Adolescent Abortions

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Adolescent Abortions Should adolescents be given the right to choose to have an abortion without parental consent? The purpose of this paper is to unveil the opinions of pro-life and pro-abortion for adolescents. First and foremost, I will discuss what an abortion is and what the laws are in the United States pertaining to this subject. An abortion is when a pregnancy is terminated (BPAS, 2010). There are two types of abortion. One is having an abortion by taking a pill. Second, is having an abortion by having a minor surgical procedure (BPAS, 2010). In the United States, thirty-nine states require the abortion to be done by a physician and in forty-one states it is illegal to have an abortion after a certain week in pregnancy. Thirty-eight states require parental participation for a minor to have a legal abortion and twenty-one states require parental consent. Twelve states require that parents be notified and five states require parental consent and notification (Gutt Macher Institute, 2014). If one is a minor, under the age of eighteen, a state may require parental consent, but this can be waived by the judicial bypass. With this, the case is presented to the judge and then the judge decides whether parents should be told or not. A legal guardian may provide the legal consent instead of the parents, and if the patient is independent and meets the requirements the rule may be by-passed. Also, if the patient is a victim of sexual violence, and it is reported properly, one may also be excused from the rule (Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc., 2009). Many teens face abortion decisions and the pressure from society that comes with it. Is it right for these adolescents who decide to go through with an abor... ... middle of paper ... ...bs/spib_OAL.pdf Joyce, T. (2010). Parental Consent for Abortion and the Judicial Bypass Option in Arkansas: Effects and Correlates. Perspectives On Sexual & Reproductive Health, 42(3), 168-175. doi:10.1363/4216810 Littman, L., Zarcadoolas, C., & Jacobs, A. (2009). Introducing abortion patients to a culture of support: a pilot study. Archives Of Women's Mental Health, 12(6), 419-431. doi:10.1007/s00737-009-0095-0 Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. (2009). Parental Consent and Notification Laws. Retrieved May 18, 2014, from Planned Parenthood: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-topics/abortion/parental-consent-notification-laws-25268.htm Sedgh, G., Bankole, A., Singh, S., & Eilers, M. (2012). Legal Abortion Levels and Trends By Woman's Age at Termination. International Perspectives On Sexual & Reproductive Health, 38(3), 143-153. doi:10.1363/3814312

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