Different Types of Dogs: A Shepherd

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A Shepherd is an insanely amazing dog. These types of dogs can teach you so much. They are very intelligent animals. It is a fact that they are the second most popular dog in the world. A German Shepard is one of my favorite dogs, its definitely a beautiful animal. Shepherds are super watchful, and really curious. They can also be very loyal and always think they are the bosses when they’re around any other dogs. They’re super intelligent animals. Shepherds have a weird history. These types of dogs began many years ago. They are from Germany. Such as German shepherd from Germany. This type of dog-originated in 1899. Over 100’s of years ago. They become very popular once they were discovered. These types of breeds were known for herding sheep back in the 1850’s. They appeared late compared to most breeds. These dogs usually live around 9 years- 13 years. In 1988 there was a dog showing in Hanover, Germany in 1822. There was a man there who attended the show, with no expectations to ever purchase one of the dogs. The mans name was Von stephantiz. As he watched this dog in the showing he couldn’t take his eyes of him. He noticed how the dogs intelligence stood out, how nice and gentle the shepherd was. The dogs name was Hecter. The man refused to leave without the dog. He “needed Hecter. Soon later the man did buy the dog, soon after renamed the dog Horand. This German shepherd later was named a declared the first ever German Shepherd. He ended up being the father of 84 puppies. These type of dogs used to be much different back in the day, they used to be rough haired with short tails many changed have appeared since then. These dogs mostly became important after World War 1 ended. These doggies used to be called Alsatians; man... ... middle of paper ... ...inful, and scissor like. They have a self-assured face, medium sized brown eyes. Their ears are also large. They can hear very small noises, and are always watching out and listening. The German shepherd breeds are also a very important dog from the things they can help people with. Since they are a very intelligent animal, they do a lot more then what they get credit for. They are used more many helpful activities that only few dogs are capable to do, most dogs don’t have a long enough attention span. They are used for search rescue places usually, their nose can sniff out a lot more then humans can. They also are spot dogs that can help guide a blind person, in different directions. These dogs can also be a military dog, watching over the people who serve our country. Some of them are even good acting dogs because of their attention span, and how smart they are.

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