Different Types Of Parents Essay

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Different Types of Parents

Most people have pretty different parenting styles, but they all for the most part fall under a few main categories. There are those parents who are extremely overprotective and are always there to hold their children’s hands. Another type of parent is the “cool parent,” who is a little more lenient with their parenting style, but still has structure, rules, and consequences. One other type of parent is the one who doesn’t care or isn’t around, and will let their children do whatever they want, whenever they want, without any repercussions. The few main types of parents are the strict parents, the “cool parents,” and the neglectful parents. One of the main types of parents is the strict parent. A strict parent is someone who is stern and severe, and adamantly enforces rules, requirements, and obligations. Even though they all fall under this main category, there are several, more specific types of strict
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A neglectful parent can be defined as someone who doesn’t give proper care or attention to their children. There are two types of parents that fall under this category: a parent who doesn’t care and a parent who isn’t around. The first type of neglectful parent allows their children to do whatever they want, whenever they want, with no consequences or repercussions. They give their children too much freedom and space, which makes the child reliant on themselves. This could lead to them making very poor choices because of their lack of guidance. The second type of parent - the parent who isn’t around - is the most harmful kind of parent to a child. The children of this type of parent are left alone constantly, and almost always have to fend for themselves. They have almost no means of getting what they need to survive, let alone have rules or consequences. The children become completely dependent on themselves and have to learn how to take care of themselves and their
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