Different Styles Of Parenting Parents

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In society today, there are many different styles of parenting. Some parents lean towards stricter styles while others are more laid back. What we don’t often realize though is that the different style of parenting the parents end up using on their children, is not always a direct choice of the parents, but can be something they simply have to do based on their class, socialization, surroundings, and so on. Although on the other hand, sometimes parents do have the choice, although it is a choice they are forced to make based on the structure they are surrounded by and the feeling of needing to conform and be accepted by society. In order to see how this choosing and not having a choice can happen, we can take a deeper look into my best friend, Issy, and I’s parents childhood and structure of their lives. First of all, let’s take a look at the two different types of structures parents can use to structure their children’s lives. Concerted cultivation is the first type, which is a very structured lifestyle for their children. The children are seen as a project and involved in many activities that are organized by adults. This is seen as a way to develop social skills and communication for the children. On the other side, natural growth is the less structured style parents can use to develop their children’s lives. In this style, children are not seen as projects and are less involved in organized adult led activities. The children with this lifestyle structure control their own time and re more free to try other things that interest them (Hartmann). Next, let’s compare where Issy and I’s parents grew up and how they were socialized. Coincidently, my mother and Issy’s father grew up in the same town of Mankato, MN, where the... ... middle of paper ... ...y raised us taught my brother and me to compete with each other, and Issy’s parents felt no competition with their siblings, therefore, they reinforced the idea of no competition between her and her brother. In conclusion, there are many different ways in which parents can structure their children’s lives, with two very important styles being concerted cultivation and natural growth. Due to many factors such as the structure of a neighborhood, their idea of gender roles, their siblings and relationship with their siblings, and much more, parents sometimes don’t exactly have the choice of the style of parenting they use on their children, even if it seems like they do. Once parents land on a parenting style to use on their children, this obviously leads to a different outcome of their children from other parent’s children, which can be shown through Issy and me.
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