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I was nervous and effervescent at the same time. I glanced briefly at the plastic card peeking out from the seat pocket. It mentioned something about using my cushion as a floatation device, in the event we had to set down or crash in water. The stewardess was rambling on about air travel safety; fasten your seat belt; seats in upright position, trays folded up and secured, carry-on luggage stored away in the upper compartment, oxygen masks dropping, etc. The pilot mentioned the temperature, traveling air speed, approximate time of arrival and the current weather at our destination. His voice faded away as he encouraged us to sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. I tried to pay attention, but the air conditioning knobs, light switches and a fascinating airline merchandise catalog lured my attention away. I perused the SkyMall catalog noticing it offered the world’s largest crossword puzzle, giant deer antlers for trucks and other interesting items, however it was time for takeoff. The great beast lumbered forward. The jet engines screeched, and after several turns, we stopped at the end of the runway. The great beast began to shake, as she lurched forward, picking up speed; hurling down the runway. Buildings flew by, dashes on the runway flashed like signs as the nose began to lift. The great gold, red and orange beast stepped gently into the air. The great beast was aloft, and my stomach sank down to my knees. I chewed on my gum furiously trying to clear my ears. I looked out my window as we crossed over Interstate 20. The vehicles looked like my old “Hot Wheels” cars. The great beast seemed to slow down, and I thought for a moment she was going to drop from the sky, as she turned east towards the Metrop... ... middle of paper ... ...tter of perspective. But then I consider how different life would be if I saw God as holy and perfect and myself as a sinner? How different would life be if I compared my thoughts, words and deeds to God’s thoughts, words and deeds? How different would life be if I said, “I confess ___________?” How different would life be if I blamed myself for my actions and not others? How different would life be if I saw myself and my ways as a source of overwhelming weakness and God as a source of overwhelming power? How different would life be if wrote down my sins and confessed them out loud to God? How different would life be if I said, “I am weak, but You, O God, are strong?” How different would life be if spent some quality time at the cross? How different would life be if I took my list of sins with me? Sometimes, all we need is a change of perspective.

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