Different Parenting Style

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On a slow Saturday morning at work I, along with the rest of the wait staff, stood outside the entrance to the kitchen observing our near empty dining room. All of a sudden we hear a child squeal with excitement from the table seated not too far from us. Before we can all turn our heads to look, the adorable blonde boy is waddling towards us as fast as his little legs and pull-ups would allow. He immediately began trying to speak to us, in his broken sentences, about the game he held in his hands. My co-worker Brittney, who absolutely loves children, knelt down to help him with his game while the rest of us looked up to find his parents, who were both turned around looking in our direction. I expected for them, like most parents do, to call him back to the table or to get up and bring him back themselves. This was surprisingly not the case. Instead they were both smiling, perhaps proud of their friendly baby boy. I could appreciate the parents allowing their child to explore on his own while still keeping a close eye on him. When two people have a child, one of the most impo...

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