Different Notions of Home Obtained in The Odyssey by Homer

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Home is considered to be this place where you live permanently with your family, a place of comfort. When a character or a human for that matter embarks on a journey all they really long for is to return home to their family and loved ones. Thus, their homecoming is an important aspect to heroes in a fantastic journey. In the Epic poem The Odyssey performed by Homer and in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey we are able to obtain these very different notions of home. The main protagonists of each work have a different approach towards this notion of home. The protagonist Odysseus is constantly urging to return home to his family. In contrast, Dave, the protagonist is embarking on a journey in which he knows there is a big chance that he won’t return home.
To begin, in the epic poem called The Odyssey by Homer performed during the 5th century, the protagonist Odysseus is forced into this traverse because to fully support Menelaus who began the Trojan War in order to retrieve Helen. However, when this war is over, Odysseus was shipwrecked in the island of . Odysseus commits his biggest mistake when Polyphemus in the island of the Cyclops captures him. While in captivity in Polyphemus’ cave, Odysseus comes up with a plan that will set him and his crew free and allow them to escape. Odysseus hits Polyphemus in the eye and blinds him. This upsets Poseidon considering Polyphemus was Poseidon’s son. As a result, Poseidon curses Odysseus never to return home.
Due to this curse set on Odysseus by Poseidon, Odysseus faces many obstacles and challenges that impede him from ever reaching home, which is what he deeply longs for. Throughout this fantastic journey, Odysseus constantly refers to his deep desire to return home to his wife Penelope an...

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...his lack of communication with loved ones is a different notion of home that these characters are urging to leave behind. Furthermore, another scene in which we see that there is this lack of notion of home is when Frank makes a phone call home. While he calls home, he talks with his daughter and there is no sign from Frank that shows that he desires to return home with his family and loved ones.
Conclusively, both of these works are about a hero embarking on this fantastic journey, but each of these heroes possesses this very distinct notion of home. In the poem The Odyssey by Homer the main character, Odysseus, longs to return home for the twenty years he is wandering in the ocean. While in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, the main character, Dave, and many other sub characters neglect this notion of home. This is the main comparison between these two works and
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