Different Modern Ideologies

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Functionalists believe society has a common culture; they focus on consensus which is agreement. They believe that key institutions such as family, government etc. help society work well. Its belief in the same values, they look at society and explain it as a system, they want to know what contributes to society as a whole. They look at the key institutions as the human body and believe these institutions help society to function. They present an overly harmonious picture of society. Marists regard functionalists as severely underestimating the degree of conflict in society. Interactionists raise issues about individual; action and choice they view functionalists as too deterministic.


Marxists believe the starting point for understanding how society works is looking at the economic production. They believe society is unequal; the main division is between rich and poor, between the powerful who own all the wealth and the people who own no property. They believe the institutions are all about control, maintaining the wealth of the rich. For Marxists a p...