Different Levels of Civilization in the Odyssey

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If we compare the three different places, Phaeacia, Cyclops' island and Ithaca in Homer's The Odyssey, we can claim that these islands are quite different from one another both in terms of their nature and the inhabitants' way of living. Phaeacians, for many apparent reasons, is the most civilized society and they have best kind of nature and wealth. People of Ithaca follow Phaeacians with slight differences and Cyclops comes last in the sorting because of being completely uncivilized. The garden of Phaeacia is insanely wealthy. The land is so fertile that all kinds of fruits are abundant in the garden.."..Olives swelling sleek and dark/ And the yield of all these trees will never flag or die/ neither in winter nor in summer, a harvest all year round" (Homer, 183). As it is portrayed, Phaeacians have permanent natural wealth so they don't have to struggle hard in order to obtain food, for everything is available in considerable amount. Climate is also very appropriate because they have no radically changing seasons, which may damage the crops. Their civilization consists of what men made. In a sense, they give shape to their environment with the intention of having better conditions. " But once we reach our city, ringed by walls/ and strong high towers too, with a fine harbor either side..." (Homer, 176) The city of Phaeacians has walls, which is a sign of wealth and power as well as human effort to do it. They have also man made buildings, towers. Likewise, they make wine and bread that confirms their diligence in the system of civilization. They not only rely on the generosity of the nature but also work hard to have an improved environment. Phaeacians are also more tolerant and democratic in their own way. Although... ... middle of paper ... ...can be classified, as the most civilized is Phaeacians because they work to better their environment, they are producers. They know about aesthetic and art. They give importance to cleanliness. They are hospitable and pious. They have man made structures. They have democratic and tolerant in their own way. Despite having small differences in terms of natural wealth and social structure Achaeans follow the Phaeaceans in the order of civilization because they are also pious, hard working and hospitable people. They have a political order and they are also producers in a sense. Finally, Cyclops comes last in the line because they are lawless, lazy and cruel creatures. Although they have wonderful fertile island, they only rely on that and don't produce anything. They have no notion of art and aesthetic. They are impious and hostile so they are quite uncivilized.
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