Different Ideas of Love in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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Different Ideas of Love in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Love has existed in many forms throughout time. There is no

better example of this then in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. In this

tale when love is most apparent, the most crucial events occur to


'tragedy'. The evident forms of love are Familial love, Fraternal love


Romantic love.

Shakespeare portrays the love of Romeo and Juliet as 2 halves

which when joined make there love for one anther complete. The

fulfilment of Romeo and Juliet's Love is hindered by external


the most obvious of which being the 'ancient grudge' between the


and the Montague's. The feud is one of many conditions and incidents,


together can be considered influence counter acting on the

relationship between

Romeo and Juliet.

The sexual punning begins in the opening scene and is continued


the play. The love of Romeo and Juliet although idealized, is rooted

in passionate

sexuality. The Victorian idea of pure non-sexual love has not yet

evolved. Both

Samspon and Gregory create a sense of Bravado and refer to

'maidenheads' similar to

Romeo's love for Rosaline as he holds a sexual love for her, which is

quick and

Impulsive. Shakespeare expresses love as an intense emotion, which is

both happiness and sadness as Love is 'choking gall' 'smoke sighs'


Sweet' and 'madness'. We see that Romeos love for Rosaline is 'black


portentous' this is in sharp contrast with the fresh, spontaneous

passion, which

Juliet will inspire in Romeo.

Romeo does not tak...

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... desire was the essence of romance. Romeo says

'Arise, fair sun,

and kill the envious moon.' Romeo is implying that he hopes Juliet

will not remain a

virgin and be cured of 'sick and green.' It is the tension between the

desire and his

reticence that shows us how much he truly loves Juliet.

All the presentations of love in Romeo and Juliet have led to one


Love, the love that changes a person's soul this is the love that

Romeo and Juliet hold

for one another, as they are willing to kill themselves to love

freely. The prince says

Love is what kills Romeo and Juliet, as 'The sun for sorrow will not

show its head.'

As Juliet is dead, love is dead. Romeo and Juliet illustrate their

compassion and true

Love for one another by paying the greatest price for their love

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