Differences In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi Book And Movie

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The “Life of Pi” book to movie compare and contrast is one of many differences and similarities that all either add to the effectiveness of the movie or take away from it. Some similarities remain that keep the movie in line with the book, however, there are many differences that leave gaps in Pi’s life story. The “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel is a rather extensive book that adds many details to almost everything. The movie cuts down those details and gets to the main point of the story as not to bore the audience. Some details that get left out make the story a little bit harder to comprehend, however, other details that get eliminated add to the excitement of the movie. In any book to movie compare and contrast there will be similarities and…show more content…
It is a long opening and takes several chapters to get into the main point of the story. In the movie version it starts out with Pi wandering through the zoo where he grew up, then cuts straight to adult Pi in Canada, telling his story to a man whose character is credited as “The Writer”. The change shortens several chapters down and gets right to the point as to not bore the audience starting right off. It works much better for the overall experience because for at least the first 100 pages the book is much of a bore. Another difference in the “Life of Pi” book and movie is that in Yann Martel 's “Life of PI” book Pi’s stay in the hospital is very detailed from his condition upon washing up on the beach of Mexico, his sodium levels, leg swelling and all. There are a lot of details with his stay and the nursing care he received (“The 32 Differences”). However, in the movie we only see Pi telling the Japanese insurance investigators his stories, at the film’s close. Very few details other than what the audience can infer from his appearance. The change leaves more room for suspense for Pi’s story and leaves out less important and mostly boring details out and brings the focus back to Pi’s two stories, on with a tiger and one with his
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