Differences In The Benefits Of Learning Online Vs. Learning

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Students should select a college or university based on the learning delivery method that best fits their learning style and meets their needs. While there’s no significant difference in the effectiveness of learning online versus learning in a traditional classroom (Hauck, 2006) there are differences in how information is conveyed that impacts the delivery method students may prefer. Traditional classrooms typically use a pedagogical approach to teaching students, which is teacher/instructor centric (Bethel University, n.d.). Students are required to congregate in a singular location at the same time to listen to a lecture from an instructor. This provides students the opportunity to interact face to face real time with the instructor and…show more content…
Particularly as it relates to proper punctuation, sentence structure, and the time it takes me to translate my thoughts into the written word. I’m looking forward to the tips, feedback, and tools that my instructors will provide to help improve my usage of punctuation and sentence structure. Finally, I expect the process of writing to become more fluid as I complete assignments and write more often as part of the program. In conclusion, while I expect the process of getting my degree to be extremely challenging, I firmly believe using my strengths to complete assignments while also improving my weaknesses will contribute to my overall academic success. The benefits of focusing on one thing at a time far exceed the benefits of multitasking. Multitasking gives our brain a shot of dopamine, makes us feel good, and gives us a sense of accomplishment (Kirwan-Taylor, 2009) however; it divides our attention across multiple tasks and diminishes our ability to be fully effective at any of them. The negative impacts of multitasking are both qualitative and quantitative in nature. Research from the American Psychological Association discovered that we’re 40 percent slower and make twice as many mistakes when we multi-task (APA,…show more content…
Just yesterday during a 1 on 1 meeting with a Manager on my team I was attempting to multi-task by sending an e-mail to address an issue on his behalf while also continuing to listen to him talk. After approximately one minute of balancing both tasks I stopped typing the e-mail and asked him to repeat the information he just shared with me verbally. “We think we can multi-task, but the truth is, our prefrontal cortex can only focus on one task at a time“(Ehrlich, 2015, pg. 22). Nevertheless, focusing on a singular task at a time isn’t easy either. It requires that we develop a strategy and make a disciplined effort to stay focused on one thing at a time (Kirwan-Taylor, 2009). Over the last two months I attempted to apply this strategy. While I’ve been more successful on some days than others at making this shift in my behavior, during the times I’m fully present and focused on a singular task, person, or group of people, there’s no doubt at that moment I’m a better husband, father, leader, and/or student.

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