Differences Between Women And Women

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Sweden is mainly known by Americans by Ikea, H&M, and Saab. But most might not know that Sweden has gender equality. Yes, we have plenty of Ikeas and H&Ms and a dwindling amount of Saabs; but the United States of America doesn 't have “gender equality”. The land of the free doesn’t have equality among the genders, neither among races but that topic is for a different time. Men and women should share the same rights despite the stigma society places on both genders for something they can and cannot do. It’s obvious now that the young adults of America are tired of the inequality that women face compared to men. America and other countries around the world need to realize that men and women need to be equal to each other because that is the only way to better the future in the case of stigmation and the progress as a society. The main argument towards gender equality is that most say that “women already have equal rights”. Women do have rights, the rights the men set on them from an early age. Women are taught to be a housewife, a mother, and an object of the male mind. Women are getting more opportunities now days compared to the history of gender dynamics in this country. Women are earning less compared to men. Women are objectified by the media as sexual items despite the fact that men want a modest woman. And women are still considered the other part of a man, the one who takes his name. No, women are not receiving the same rights as men; The Equal Rights Amendment is not even passed. Another misconception about gender equality is a little word called “feminism”. Most think that feminism is a belief for women, made by women to overthrow the patriarchy. If you look in the dictionary, Feminism is “the belief that m... ... middle of paper ... ... faced great support but a large amount of disrespect. Many don’t like the fact they’re branded “bigoted” for referring to Caitlyn as a “he”, according to the opinion of Adam Hobbes of reaxxion.com. According to Hobbes, “what we need to protect is our right to disapprove of their (transgenders) behavior and reject their “science.” We must dig our heels in and fight”. Hobbes is clearly strong about his opinion how nobody can tell him to think when it comes down to how he feel about transgender men and women, especially Caitlyn Jenner. He doesn’t like the fact that the media shows great support for Caitlyn and if you use her pronouns wrong, you get labeled a bigote. Someone 's gender identity should influence they way they’re treated by others. People should have a basic respect for each other, and that doesn’t change when that person is transgender.

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