Differences Between The Great Gatsby Movie Vs Movie

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Is the book always better than the movie? While many may disagree, in these circumstances, yes, yes it is. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is an “elegiacal romantic novel” that takes place in the roaring twenties, where spirits run high and life is an illusion of wealth (Canby). The 1974 Hollywood film version of The Great Gatsby fails to depict this complex elegance and superficiality of the twenties. While it is difficult to include every detail of the novel in the movie, it is important to depict the overall tone and message of the story. Devoted readers look forward to film adaptations of their favorite novels, but The Great Gatsby film fell short of their high expectations.
Many key details from the novel have been left out of the movie. For example, the owl-eyed man, an important symbol in the novel, does not make an appearance in the movie; Nick is supposed to meet him in the library at Gatsby’s party, but never encounters him. By leaving out the owl-eyed man, the viewers fail to grasp just
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The dialogue often seemed “artificial and stilted, particularly in Gatsby 's character,” and contributed to the awkwardness of the movie (Hurn). Although Gatsby’s speech in the novel is fake, since he is portraying a false identity to others, the context and background of why he does that is missing from the movie. Therefore, the audience assumes the speech is forced, which makes the actors appear foolish.
Furthermore, the actor’s actions also appeared awkward and forced. For example, Myrtle punching and breaking her bedroom window was an over dramatic and unnecessary addition to the film that did not occur in the novel. Interactions between Gatsby and Daisy were awkward beyond their initial meeting, and Nick’s friendship with Gatsby appeared detached. The broken connections between the actors contributed to strained interactions during the film, which further misrepresented the essence of the
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