Differences Between The Articles Of Confederation And The Us Constitution

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Articles of Confederation vs. United States Constitution There were differences in the way the Government was run under the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution. The Articles of Confederation was written and used between 1776-1783 and was only an agreement, rather than a federal system (Sankey,2011). While the Constitution was written in 1787 and replaced the Articles of Confederation and is still being used today. According to the article, Charters of Freedom, "the United States Constitution is the world’s longest surviving written charter of government." The Constitution was written for "We the people" and says that government exists to serve its people ("Charters of," 1994). So, how was the Government ran differently between the Articles of Confederation and the United States …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the differences between the articles of confederation and the united states constitution. the constitution was written for "we the people" and says that government exists to serve its people.
  • Explains that the articles of confederation was written more as an agreement with the people.
  • Explains that the united states constitution was written so the government is there for the people and serves its citizens. the constitution assigned congress to raise revenues, declare war, and make laws.
  • Explains that the articles of confederation gave the government a starting point to the laws and governing of the united states.

It stated things such as, the Government could ask for things like funds, supplies and troops, but could not make the United States do it. An executive leader, one person, was elected for a term of one year. Also, It was extremely difficult to make amendments to the Articles of Confederation. It required a unanimous vote of the participants, which made it hard to add things such as federal courts, trade regulations, or uniform taxes. When the government was unable to facilitate trade, the financial stability of the growing industry failed. There were many foreclosures on mortgages. Merchants, bankers, and craft workers no longer had steady income. Many Citizens were unable to pay for the things they needed. Some of the leaders of that time, John Adams, James Madison, and George Washington, disapproved of the competition of the new states and assumed that the new nation would be better off if governed less. Although, despite its weaknesses, Americans feared tyranny and believed that the Articles of Confederation provided government though the Revolutionary War (Sankey,

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