Differences Between Stormbreaker Movie And Movie

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A new book releases at the beginning of the week, but the movie that corresponds with the book comes out on Friday. Which do you choose, reading the book or watching the movie? Many viewers and critics have placed reading a book and watching the movie against each other. A great way to analyze the aspects of this argument is to dissect the movie and the book, Stormbreaker by author Anthony Horowitz and director Geoffrey Sax. Reading the book and watching the movie have many similarities such as the appeaesment to the readers/viewers, the overall plot or theme, the structure of the story, and characters; however, these two entertainment options have many differences as well including details and time consumption. One aspect that both books…show more content…
Each story, no matter a book or movie, will always have the same structure if it comes from the same plot. The story will start with a beginning, rising action, climax, and resolution. The movie Stormbreaker has the same beginning to the story with the death of Alex’s uncle. Next comes the rising action, which in the movie would include the junkyard incident, the train station run in, and the special operations training. The climax would come in the movie when Alex releases the actual agenda behind the computer, Stormbreaker. The final resolution results in Alex eventually saving the entire world. The fourth and final similarity that movies and books contain will be characters. Once a book is transformed into a movie, the directors must utilize the characters from the book. The main character will be the exact same in the movie as it was in the book. If the main character role is different from what is was in the book, viewers will take notice just as if the overall theme was different. Movie directors also have to use the other characters in the book as well. If an important character was left out of the movie, the intended audience would notice. These similarities are what make movies and books…show more content…
The movie leaves out key details that are included in the actual book. From personal experience, reading a book will give an individual more details about the overall story. When authors write books, they include minor and major details that draw the reader in. Once the reader is hooked, the author is then able to provide the reader with the overall theme of the book. However, movie producers focus less on minor details that readers find important and lock in on major details that they can make more entertaining or action-packed. For example, the beginning of the movie, Stormbreaker explains to viewers how Alex’s uncle actually died while in the book, readers are left in suspense. The movie’s director also presents viewers with insight into what Alex’s uncle job really was. Alex believes his uncle is only a bank worker, but in the movie, the director and writers decided to take that particular moment and show what Alex’s uncle job really consist of by filming an action-packed high speed chase. Another huge difference between watching a movie and reading a book would be time consumption. When reading a book, it could take hours and even days before an individual finish reading it. Distractions or busy schedules could also cause a reader to prolong finishing a book. Also, after reading for a certain length of time, a reader’s eyes become tired. However, a movie typically lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. Once a
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