Differences Between Sparta And Athens

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When we think of Greece today, we think of one united nation. However, Greece was not always this way. In ancient times, Greece was divided into over a thousand city-states with Sparta and Athens being two of the most prominent ones. Due to the division of Greece back then, each city-state had their own laws, their own government, their own military and their own way of life. As a result of these differences between Athens and Sparta, daily life was very different between the two city-states and because of their laws, governments and military, your quality of life in each state was very much dependant on which gender you were. For men, Athens was most likely the city-state that you’d want to be living in during this time and on the other hand,…show more content…
Male citizens in Sparta and Male citizens in Athens lived very different lives. In both Athens and Sparta, boys received an education starting at the age of seven. Even though males received an education in both city-states, the educations they received were fairly different. Males in Sparta would be taken from their mothers and homes at seven years old. The main purpose of their schooling was to prepare them to join the army full time. Spartan boys would be taught discipline, athletics, survival skills, hunting,…show more content…
Women in Sparta had freedoms and rights like no other city-state throughout Greece. Spartan women would receive an education and physical training. They were fed properly and could eat whatever they wanted because the credit was given to women for making Spartan men strong due to them being able to have healthy babies since they were treated properly. Not only were Spartan women given a good education and were nourished properly, they were also given rights and freedoms which Athenian women would never have. Spartan women had the right to apply for citizenship at the age of eighteen while women in Athens would never be granted citizenship. Spartan women also had the freedom to wander throughout their city-state unlike women in Athens who were forced to remain inside. In Sparta, women had the right to own property and the right to divorce their husbands without losing their wealth which Athenian women did not have. Also unlike Athenian women, Spartan women would not marry at a very young age. They’d generally marry between the ages of eighteen and twenty. The person they married would often only be a few years older than them. In Athens, women were often forced to marry an older man during their teenage years. Another benefit of being a woman in Ancient Sparta instead of Ancient Athens is that Spartan women were in charge of the household and the cooking and cleaning was not left up to them.
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