Differences Between Pearl Harbor And Infamy Speech

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Infamy Speech The famous Infamy Speech was spoken December 8th, 1941 by Franklin D. Roosevelt, the President of the United States at the time of Pearl Harbor. FDR was a moving speaker for the American people. The speech was very patriotic by calling congress to vote for a Declaration of War against the Empire of Japan. By proclaiming the “attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago,” Roosevelt suggests the attack was conducted with the intent not to negotiate with the ambassador. This guides the American people towards hate against the Japanese. The disliking of the Japanese is strengthened when Roosevelt reports that “very many American lives have been lost.” By saying ‘American’ lives, it draws the American people into …show more content…

Both Pearl Harbor; A day of Infamy, the survivors story, and Pearl Harbor by the History Channel. Each movie goes through the details of the day, step by step, and the events leading up to December 7th. Both movies express the patriotic viewpoint. They emphasise that Pearl Harbor was the event that lead the U.S. into World War Two. Both movies are factual and stick to the true story of that fatal day. Pearl Harbor focuses more about the loss of people and how the U.S. attempted to fight back during the attack. This specific documentary was factual with the specific clues to the attack. During the time, the commander was not positive if the new equipment and signals actually worked. Dramatic music is played throughout the documentary to give a feel of what happened that day. Soft music is played when it is a personal story. Loud and dramatic music is played during the reenactment of the bombing itself. The music creates the scenes to come to life, and make the viewer feel more attached to the movie; giving the sense that the person is actually there. The movie is called Pearl Harbor, but it has the lense of World War Two. Even though Pearl Harbor was the lead into WW2, the documentary leaned more towards telling the story of leading up to World War Two and parts or facts of the …show more content…

Arizona. The movie went into detail about the sinking of the ship. It also brought up that if it wouldn’t have been the first one sunk, the rest of the battleships could have escaped the bay. By talking specifically of the U.S.S. Arizona, it reveals the thought out process to attack by the Japanese. It made the justification to go into war stronger. Within almost every documentary, the infamy speech was included. The speech being included into the documentaries makes people who are watching it now feel the wreckage of the event. The speech reveals how dramatic the bombing was to the people and to the leaders of the U.S.. Almost every documentary only had the view of the U.S. and not the view from the Japanese. It creates a bias about the event as a terrible, and horrifying

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how every video or movie had an extreme sense of patriotism. the infamy speech, a scene with pearl harbor, and chaos brought the event to life.
  • Analyzes how roosevelt's famous infamy speech was very patriotic by calling congress to vote for a declaration of war against the empire of japan.
  • Explains that both pearl harbor and a day of infamy are factual and stick to the true story of that fatal day.
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