Differences Between Korean And Korean Society

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There is cultural difference in the world of respect when it comes to the people of the United States than from those of South Korea. Why? Korean society as a whole is based off an entire system of values that are taught from an early age. These ideals have been instilled in Korean culture since the belief in Confucianism spread from China as early as 109 BC. The United States, on the other hand, has a moral system built on the foundation of Christian beliefs. South Korea is second to none when it comes to respect for their fellow man. How could someone make such a claim? The answer is rather simple really, Korean society is based off a social status that commands different levels of respect throughout the entire population. This widespread degree of social order can be contributed to three areas: the respect between children and their parents, the regard amongst the elders and the youth, and finally the reverence amid Korean with fellow Korean. What do all of these relationships have to do with the level of respect that the South Korean people possess? That answer would be: Confucianism. Beginning with the smallest, but perhaps most important relationship, is that of a child and a parent. This relationship starts at an early age and prepares a child for the world that they are about to enter. In Korea, this is a world of mutual respect between fellow man and neighbor; on the contrary in the U. S. this is a domain that has transformed into one of insolence and competition among individuals. All the preparations for a child entering these systems start in their upbringing. Children from a Confucian background, differ exceedingly from those of a Christian upbringing. A normal Korean’s childhood is very rigid and structured because ... ... middle of paper ... ...ly from culture to culture. On one hand there is a nation built on Confucian values and on the other, a country established on Christian morals. The decline of Christian ideals in American society during the last few decades has perhaps can be blamed for the lack of respect that Americans have for their fellow citizens. On the opposite end of the spectrum, what make Korean society the most respectful in the world are their ideals that have become engrained into their heads as children, their upmost admiration that they have for their elder population, and the interactions that they have when dealing with their fellow citizens. One thing can be concluded from a society that is established in the teachings of Confucius. It will not only be more respectful, but also will be second to none when it comes to respecting their fellow man because Confucianism establishes it.
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