Differences Between Criminal Minds, The Killing, And Dexter

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Criminal Minds, The Killing, and Dexter. What do these have in common? They are all crime shows. The FBI, detectives, or police solve murders and track down the alleged murderer(s). The investigators do this by collecting forensic evidence and learning more about the victims also called victimology. However, what are the differences in crime shows and what happens in reality? Could it be how the case is investigated, the roles of those involved, how the evidence is collected, maybe how forensics in used? Let me start with the crime scene of a television show. The investigator arrives at the crime scene where they begin to investigate the crime scene themselves. As others are blocking off where the crime was committed keeping people from…show more content…
to be taken and analyzed at a crime lab. Before evidence can be touched a primary survey is conducted where the lead investigator will take notes, take their own pictures, and identify what they consider to be valuable evidence. Another thing the lead investigator does is to make sure the conditions are recorded such as if the lights were on or off, position of furniture, smell, etc. Pictures and/or videos are taken of the scene by a crime scene team. Sometimes a quick sketch is drawn of the crime scene to ensure that everything is accounted for. Once everything is accounted for evidence begins to be packaged into clean bags that are numbered to make sure everything's in order. Furthermore, the crime show has different evidence they find at the crime scene. The two main forms of evidence is usually blood and what they learn from the victim or victims that seem to have similarities. For example, hair color, age range, facial features, etc. The investigator in this case rarely finds fingerprints and DNA or when they do they decide that it takes too long, which is true. The evidence could take weeks to process and analyze.. Yet, they find a lead with little to no
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