Difference Between Windows And Windows

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Operating System Concepts Research Paper Windows or Linux for Small Company By: Muhammad H Khan Table of Contents • Introduction • History of Windows • History of Linux • Availability of Software • Minimum Requirements to run the OS • Security • User friendly Introduction Linux and windows operating systems are software with programs and information needed to run and monitor the computer programs. An operating system is one of the most important computer programs which a computer cannot run without them. Even though they are both important for computer programs, Linux and windows are two different operating systems and they have different features which basically differentiates them. History of Microsoft Windows In the 1970s,…show more content…
• 16 GB Hard Drive Space. • VGA capable of 1024*768 Security People usually consider windows have more incidents of viruses, worms, Trojans and other problems because malicious hackers tend to confine their activities to breaking into the software with largest users. Windows dominates the desktop, therefore windows and windows applications are the focus of most attacks, which is why there are not many viruses for Linux. . While this may be true, at least in part, the intentional implication is not necessarily true: That Linux and Linux applications are no more secure than Windows and Windows applications, but Linux is simply too trifling a target to bother attacking. Linux being the open sournce is more easy to hack than windows User Training In a interview to BBC news, Vivek quoted, “The majority of the world’s population is lazy, Microsoft is easy, and Linux is a mystery!” Vivek, London Microsoft Windows is the most user friendly operating system in the market. No one wants to write numerous lines of code if the same work can be done by few clicks. The user interface of Microsoft Windows is much better and easy to adjust as compared to the Open Source Operating Systems such as Linux. This is due to the fact that Microsoft Windows is designed in such ways that even the most basic users can adjust to its interface. Whereas, Linux is harder to use and it lacks…show more content…
Microsoft is also usually quick to releases fixes if any are required. Open Source operating systems are also tested by professionals and they have both alpha and beta releases before their final release, yet they do have some bugs which are fixed by the updates and upgrades. Help / troubleshoot It is a hard task to find support for Open Source operating systems as they are not used by majority of the population though some resources are available on the Internet in the form of Discussion Forums, eBooks and Community driven websites. In comparison, Microsoft Windows includes its own help section and there is a vast amount of resources available on the Internet and many books are available in the market for

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