Difference Between Traditional Media And Modern Media

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Media is a platform for transmitting information or data throughout the globe. The evolution in media had brings a twist for all level of society from traditional media to modern media. Recently, traditional media such as newspaper and television tend to be less popular compared to modern media. The contents of these media also may differ as most modern media tend to cover information globally while traditional media is more geographically bounded. It is argued that the contents also influenced by several parties such as political and economic sector. Politicians and corporates are said making use of mass media to reach a larger number of people to spread information about their political ideas and products. However, the society did not aware…show more content…
To win votes, a politician needs to make sure the citizen is very clear with their manifestos and how they will benefit them. Even a single vote would change the election’s result. This is where the media plays their roles. Media acts as eyes and ears to the citizen so they would cover more information about the election as the citizen are eager to obtain more information about the candidates to help them making the right decision. Moreover, politicians are the one who will determine the country direction in future. Therefore, media agency tends to cover more news and information about them during the elections. However, those news and information can be viewed from different perspective according to which party that they support. If a media is support previous governing party, they would keep posting positive news about that particular party and negative news for the opposing parties. It is also argued that state-owned or government media tends to publish manipulative news by the governing party. For instance, Malaysia Kini which is a local newspaper in Malaysia reports on Anwar Ibrahim from a negative point of view. Meanwhile, New Straits Time reports on the same issue from opposite view. Generally, Malaysia Kini is a media agent that supports the governing party while New Straits Time is a neutral media agency. From this example, it is obviously shown that election process affected the media contents. Furthermore, election process is important as it will results on who will govern the country shows that media content is also affected by those who will or already owned power in the society; who is the politician in this

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