Difference Between Religion And Personal Religion Vs. Personal Faith

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Religion and Personal Faith both involve answering the question of whether or not someone is “spiritual but not religious”. I say this in quotations, because it is ironic in the way that spirituality, is religious in a facet. Religion refers to a community of people who share a similar belief system. Meanwhile, Personal Faith refers to ones own personal beliefs that may or may not be associated with a specific Religion. One might use the terms “Religion” and “Personal Faith” interchangeably, but these terms have two separate definitions. It is a common phrase for people today to say that they are “not religious”, but instead that they are “spiritual. Being religious and being spiritual go hand in hand when it comes to Religion. Being religious involves abiding to a set of beliefs, while being spiritual involves growing into a certain consciousness. These are both significant…show more content…
In Religion, there is a shared belief system that a community believes in together. Based on these beliefs, it brings along tradition and sacred scripture that everyone belonging to the Religion follows. In contrast, Personal Faith comes involves obtaining personal beliefs. They are self conceptualized and self abiding. Another major difference between the two terms is community versus self. Like said before, Religion entails a community of people or a parish. In comparison, Personal Faith is not community based, but self based. It is many people believing in a system of beliefs versus one person with their own beliefs. Obama said in a speech, “Faith reminds me that in spite of being one very imperfect man I can still help whoever I can, however I can, wherever I can for as long as I can” (Gilgoff). This quotes from one of Obama’s speeches describes how faith is a choice. Each and every one of us has a choice to belong to a Religion, or has the choice to believe and have faith in something else one
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