Difference Between Radiology And Sonography

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Medical imaging is used in both radiology and sonography so how are they different? Well, this medical imaging gives doctors important information about their patients but the techniques used require different skills. Some contrasts between radiology and sonography are the technologies used, the education required for the field, and the yearly salaries. In radiology, the technology is much different from sonography. “In radiology, radiologists use ionized electromagnetic rays to produce images of inside the body” (“Difference Between Sonography” par. 3). This is called an x-ray image and is used to see inside of bone structures. Doctors can then determine any abromanly from the x-ray images. There are many other medical equipments which use…show more content…
There are many more major health issues that radiology can detect. Radiology also requires radiation for the technology and because radiation is being used doctors have to follow all the protection protocols and do the tests under careful supervision (“Difference Between Sonography” par. 3). It is important that radiography technicians follow step by step procedures and take care of the safety measures at all times. The education requirement for radiology techs varies by state. “Technical and vocational schools offer certificate programs in radiography that can be completed in one year or less, but the most common standard for this position is a two-year associate degree that includes studies in anatomy, radiation physics, radiation protection, pathology and image evaluation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics” (“Radiology Tech vs” par. 3). Most students take four years of college for their generals. After they take four years in a medical school it is followed by a five-year residency at a hospital they are accepted too. A one to two-year fellowship is optional depending on the final title like a musculoskeletal radiologist, a…show more content…
Then the transducer or probe receives the sound waves coming back (“Difference Between Sonography” par. 2). A computer attached to the device then receives the sound waves to produce images of the body. This technology does not use any kind of radiation which makes it safer than radiography. This is why many patients prefer sonography over radiography. With sonography, doctors can see moving images of the inside of the body. “If patients are suffering from any swelling or infection or pain inside the body then doctors refer to a sonography test” (“Difference Between Sonography” par. 2). This technology is a common technology used on a pregnant woman to see the babies development in the mother's womb. “This technology also can develop images of other body organs such as heart, kidney, blood vessels, liver, gallbladder, uterus, and so on and help doctors to determine any abnormalities” (“Difference Between Sonography” par. 2). Sonography can determine diseases like cancer in a patient's organs. Education for sonography is much shorter than in radiography. Diagnostic medical sonography is one of the fastest growing occupations in the country (“Sonography Education Requirements” par. 1). An associate's degree and professional certification are all that is needed to enter the field of sonography. Although a professional certification is not a

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