Difference Between Psychiatry And Psychiatry

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Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that focuses on mental illness- including emotional, behavioral and substance use disorders. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor that diagnoses, treats, and even tries to prevent mental illnesses from occurring (psychiatry.org). However, psychiatry was not always a profession. Before the 1800’s, anyone that helped diagnose or treat patients with mental illnesses where given the title “care takers.” It was in 1808 that the German physician, Johann Christian Reil, coined the term “psychiatry” in hopes to gain respect for the practice (ccdhfr). So, what is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist? A psychologist holds a degree that includes intensive training where they use psychological…show more content…
Some institutions would starve and overdosed children with morphine. Brandenburg-Gorden Hans was the headquarters for euthanasia, or “mercy killings.” This practice eventually lead to concentration camps to implement “mercy killings” among adults. Although euthanasia does not sound like treatment for the mentally ill, many eugenicist believed there was no cure for mental illnesses so racial hygiene was the only option in preventing illness. Other places, like Innsbruck, Austria, would actually use electroshock to immobilize mentally ill children (ccdhfr). Electro convulsion therapy (ECT) is the practice of using electro currents to induce a brief convulsion in order to help a patient that has been diagnose with mental illnesses. ECT has been used throughout the 40’s and 50’s on a number of different illnesses, however, now it is only used on those who have been diagnosed with major depression that is resistant to treatment. ECT is a controversial treatment that has had good and bad press. There is little research on how and why ECT may work, but there is research on the effects of the treatment (Rose; Mental Health…show more content…
One highly controversial psychosurgery is the leucotomy, a procedure introduced back in the late 1930s by Dr. Antonio Egas Moniz. The leucotomy is a procedure that was meant to cure sever cases of agitated, anxiety, and depression. The leucotomy was performed by inserting a small wire knife into the brain substance through several perforated holes in the skull. Moniz teamed up with neurosurgeon, Dr. Almeida Lima, with several reported successes. They also reported unsuccessful attempts that led to irreversible brain damage. Due to the unsuccessful leucotomy, Moniz proposed that the procedure be used only in severe “hopeless” cases (Sabbatini; Oltmanns,

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