Difference Between Profit And Nonprofit Organizations

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A stakeholder can be characterized as an individual that has any contributed interest or impact on an organization. Stakeholder’s interest can potentially shift from organization to organization however one might notice the biggest difference lying somewhere in between profit and nonprofit organizations. In a non-profit organization, the reason for the organization is to satisfy its particular purpose while balancing costs. In an a revenue driven (profit) environment, stakeholders have an invested interest in both the productivity of the firm and also the general wellbeing with regards to the overall view of the organization. More often than not, an employee will typically treat their employments in an unexpected way. Despite the fact that…show more content…
Not excluded from equal concerns, it is with the same concern that both nonprofit organizations and for-profit organizations that there is similar worries that need to be placed on stakeholders as in all that partake to the organization want to see it succeed and achieve said goals. However, on the contrary, a nonprofit organization deals with not only stakeholders but also have the added stress of attracting customers, volunteers, and contributors. The nonprofit manager must take into consideration that all stakeholders’ view of the organization can be used whether positively or negatively because all are important. This is another struggle that the manager of the nonprofit organization might have when paying attention to the stakeholders. It is, therefore, the manager’s job of the nonprofit organization to balance out all the stakeholder’s views to accomplish all the goals of the organization. I feel that in fact, it would pose as an opinion on my part to say, yes nonprofit managers would need to pay more attention to stakeholders versus the business manager. The fact that a for-profit organization has no real legal duty or obligation to anyone other than itself supports my belief on the

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