Difference Between Postmodernism And Constructivism

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The central goal of this work is to discuss postmodernism, constructivism and to attempt to explain the current conflicts that plague Israel and Palestine within the context of what postmodernism and constructivism is. To do this effectively, I believe it is advantageous to the reader that we efficiently define postmodernism and constructivism and to briefly discuss the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts in order to competently put into context how postmodernism and constructivism may explain these crises. That being said, before we delve into this kind of discussion, it is also advantageous to the reader to know that the concepts of postmodernism and constructivism are very abstract and that from this point forward I will refer to postmodernism as…show more content…
The Palestinians remained under Ottoman control until WW1 when the British offered to help the Palestinians. Not considering what conflicts may lie ahead for the next hundred years in the Middle East, the British made incompatible promises to both the Palestinians and the Jews. “They [the British] had promised Palestinians independence in return for taking up arms against their Turkish Ottoman rulers…. In November of 1917, in what became known as the Balfour Declaration, Britain announced its support for a "national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine (of course, the land was already populated and promised to native Arabs). (“Israel-Palestine Conflict”, 2013, p.1)” Effectively though, the area remained Palestinian populated and was politically taken under British control. These conflicting promises were the beginning of political turmoil between the Jews and Palestinians. Again, after WW2 and the death of millions of Jews, the British, as well as the UN and including the U.S., thought it constructive to the Jewish culture to foster a new Jewish state. Though there seemed to be no better place than Palestine to place the Jews, it was obviously
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