Difference Between Popular Culture And Postmodernism

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Popular culture and postmodernism are two topics that John Storey elaborates on in his fifth edition book "Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: An Introduction". Understanding popular culture and postmodernism is important when it comes to the discussion of popular music celebrities. When referring to popular culture to understand popular music celebrities, 'signifying practices ' is a key term. Know what signifying practices mean will allow you to understand why celebrities do what they do. Storey says, "Culture here means the texts and practices whose principle function is to signify, to produce, or to be the occasion for the production of meaning". What he means is that popular music celebrities know that they have to make music that sells,…show more content…
Knowing the difference between masking, distorting, concealing and ideological forms, and myth. Knowing the difference between masking, distorting, concealing and ideological forms will help decipher what is intended to change you view and what is not. Masking, distorting, and concealing are meant to change you view; for example, advertising. While ideological forms can change your view on situations but are not intending to; for example, reality TV. To tie this into popular music celebrities Taylor Swift’s ad campaign for Keds can be used as an example of masking, distorting, and concealing; it is meant to make you want to buy Keds. While Lil Jon 's song "Turn Down For What" is an example of ideological forms, making getting wasted seem like a fun, normal thing to do. Myth is an important idea because it allows celebrities to bend the truth. Celebrities tend to bend the truth because it allows them to persuade their audience to see only what they want them to see. Some key terms to keep in mind when discussing popular music are mass culture/consumption and culture that is widely favored. Mass culture/ consumption can also be described as popular culture, it is what the present society want to see and hear, and it is the demands of the buyer. One hit wonders are examples of mass culture/consumption; they tend to be popular only for a short time while they are still in demand. The opposite of mass culture/consumption is culture that is widely favored. Culture that is widely favored are the music industry legends, they are always remembered and tend to be considered high

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