Difference Between Plato And Dirty Pretty Things

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In “The Defense of Socrates,” The Republic and The Nicomachean Ethics, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle have their own point of views on what justice is. Each of these philosophers’ thought are similar but different in the sense that they want to find what the true definition of justice is. Plato believes in a harmonious society and state, and Aristotle believes in happiness and the mean of the extremes. In Stephen Frears’ Dirty Pretty Things, Okwe and Senor Juan are two of the main characters. Throughout the movie they make many different decisions that these philosophers may think are just or un-just for different reasons. In Stephen Frears’ Dirty Pretty Things, the main character Okwe is an illegal immigrant who came to the London to try and…show more content…
I think that Aristoteles point of view is too much based off of emotions instead of what is the actual right and wrong thing to do. Aristotle is concerned with happiness and the mean between extremes. If happiness is not calling the police when something that is illegal just happened then Senor Juan would be considered to be virtuous. For Okwe this doesn’t make him happy but he is trying to save himself from jail instead of setting himself up. Now, Plato on the other hand is more concerned with everyone in a society doing what they are supposed to do. Which is true to a certain degree but the flaw of this is that sometimes people need to take control even if it is not their job. Okwe should have called the police or convinced someone else who would not get in trouble to call the police so that the situation that occurred at the hotel does not happen again. Senor Juan as a manager should have called the police since he is the manager of the hotel that is his job, to report illegal situations to the authorities. There are other ways around handling a situation without getting in trouble. Okwe and Senor Juan have different ways about handling situations. Plato and Aristotle would see the reasons why Okwe and Senor Juan make the decisions that they do and they would think that they were both unjust with the way that they handled finding the heart in the hotel, but for different

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