Difference Between Online And Traditional Classroom

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Online vs Traditional Classrooms These days college is a universal must to any young adult’s education. When considering everything, it is easier now more than ever to get a decent respectable education. There are two types of educations available to the masses traditional and online. This essay will compare and contrast some of the pro’s and con’s to these two different types of schooling. Online courses can be more cost effective, flexible, and offer more variety. Traditional face to face schooling can be considered more hands on, more respected, and can offer more helpful relationships with fellow students. In comparing these two forms of the college experience the highlights for both options needs to be considered. The first aspect of traditional classrooms…show more content…
Some of the similarities to be considered in this paragraph are the importance of time management, textbooks, and same amount of assignments. The first similarity to consider is the importance of time management for both classroom settings. Managing your time wisely is a big factor no matter the classroom, whether a student has a job or just a full- time class schedule. It is always important to be sure to have enough time between assignments, tests, and personal responsibilities. The second similarity to consider is the textbooks that are required for each classroom setting. Each class offering the college experience has its very own textbook and it is important for a student to not only acquire, but also thoroughly study, whether they are in an online or traditional classroom. The last similarity for this paragraph is whether, online or in the classroom a student will have to contend with the same amount of assignments. Homework is a large part of any learning experience. Online and traditional both rely on this method to help students retain
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